Monday, 9 May 2011

Rhythm 9 - Following the Black Country derby, remotely

I’ve mentioned a few times the nuances of supporting an English football team here, but this weekend was pretty special. You can keep up-to-date very easily, but there are just some times when you need moral and practical support.

Given the importance of Wolves’ game against the Albion yesterday, aligned with the fact that I was going to be at large – well, at brunch if that helps set the scene – I enlisted the services of my good buddies and fellow Wolves fans, Ben and Joseph. See below for how things played out:

David: Morning gents, it’s Dave all the way from Freetown (this is my SL number). Hope all is jolly. So it’s the derby day showdown today and I need score and key event updates...can you assist?

Joseph: Hi Dave, I’m out and about with low battery but I will update you as long as technology allows! Which will die first – my phone or our hopes for the season!?

J: Big Mick: “We can’t force the issue because we might find ourselves 1-0 down and facing an uphill struggle, so we have to be patient.” Inspiring!

J: 1-0 Wolves, Fletcher!!!!!!!

Ben: Just seen your text. 20 mins in, Wolves 1-0 up. Come on!

B: 2-0! Both from corners. Get in!

J: 2-0 Guerdiora!!!!!! (I’m so excited I can’t spell!)

D: All good news so far – keep them coming!

B: Refreshing to see Wolves pushing for more rather than backing off and defending.

B: Half time. Bit more pressure from West Brom towards the end of the half but Wolves on top and playing the best I’ve seen them for months. Really working hard.

J: 2-0 at half time. By all accounts The Sh*t have been, well, sh*t! Woeful defending, long may it continue...

(At this stage, my phone told me there was ‘There is no room for new messages’ – which told me more excitement was on its way.)

B: 3-0! 2nd for Fletcher. Temporarily lost my stream!

B: 3-1. Gave away a pen.

J: Odemwingie pulls one back from the spot, 3-1. 55 minutes gone.

J: 3-0 Wolves, another for Fletcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Joe’s or my phone, or possible even the time space continuum, was playing up there, as the 3-1 message came before the 3-0.)

D: Crikey, my pulse rate is off the chart!

B: West Brom with a lot of pressure and a couple of big missed chances. 20 mins to hold on.

B: Jarvis just coming on!

J: Into the last 15 minutes, still 3-1 and tension is high...

B: It’s all over! 3-1. What a game. Vital. Great stuff. See you soon buddy!

J: Full time, 3-1 and we’re out of the relegation zone!

D: Amazing, thanks so much for the updates – I just punched the air in a (relatively) very posh restaurant! My Eggs Benedict tastes even sweeter now...

J: It was a pleasure! Bon appétit!

If that doesn’t exhibit the benefits of modern technology when you're thousands of miles away from an event you just have to know the outcome of, I don’t know what does. And it’s high ho, Wolverhampton...

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